CrossFit – Why It Takes So Long To Recover

If you stumbled on this article, you have likely just done a few sets of burpees, box jumps, deadlifts, or even the dreaded handstand push-ups (what’s that even all about?). These are just a few of the well-known CrossFit workouts that fitness enthusiasts become familiar with when participating in the sport. And each set of […]

The Best Supplement To Aid Workout Recovery

The endorphins released when we exercise can be quite addictive. Nothing beats that feeling after a good workout in the gym or while out for a run. But how important is workout recovery, and how should you go about your recovery process? We’ve listed some of the main benefits of allowing your body to recover […]

L-Carnosine – All You Need to Know About It

Imagine if you could easily boost a powerful natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory found in your own body and get help with exercise recovery, memory disorders, and nervous system problems, to name a few.  Well, you can. The compound L-carnosine has been of interest to scientists for many decades. They have been studying its effect on […]

Carnosine – The Best Supplement For Tendon Health

Professional athletes and their management teams often describe tendon injuries as gut-wrenching, soul-destroying, or, in severe cases, career-ending. It’s a feeling that no athlete ever wants to deal with – the thought of never getting back to your peak.  Tendon injuries don’t just set players and athletes back for months; they often spell the beginning […]

Why Am I Suddenly Struggling to Run?

As the sun rises, you lace up your running shoes and begin your morning jog. You love this time of day—the fresh air, the chirping birds, and the feeling of freedom as you pound the path beneath your feet. However, this past week has been tough. For some reason, you can’t run as far as […]

Sore Legs After Cycling? Here’s Why And How You Can Speed Up Recovery Time

Whether you’re a professional obsessed with getting saddle time every day, or a weekend warrior destroying bike trails on a Saturday morning, one thing is true… Your cycling performance is directly linked to the power and energy you have in your legs. Sean Yates, Olympian, and former Tour De France stage winner, hit the nail […]

Injury Prevention Exercises and Tips to Improve Performance

Exercise can keep you out of the doctor’s office unless you injure yourself. This is why injury prevention has become a hot topic among athletes. Everyone wants to know – how do I get stronger, run faster, and train harder without putting my body at an increased risk of injury? Well, there are a few […]

Pre-workout For Running: Should You Be Using It?

Are you are sprinter chasing for supplements to increase your speed? Or a distance runner looking for greater endurance? Or perhaps, you simply want to improve your workout performance. Regardless of your fitness goal, supplements can make a difference in your sport or activity. The right one will also help you to achieve longer mileages, […]

How to Speed Up Muscle Strain Recovery

If you’ve landed on this article, you’ve likely strained a muscle and want to return to training as soon as possible. If you’re frustrated and want to speed up the process, we get it.  However, although there are valid ways to shorten your recovery time, not taking enough time to recover completely can give you […]

Best Muscle Rub Creams

Do you find your muscles sore and stiff after a tiring workout, a late night out, or a long day at work? If so, then you may need a muscle rub cream or gel.  The benefits of using a quality muscle rub product can be surprising. These include accelerating your performance and recovery time to […]