Post Marathon Recovery: Regain Your Stride Faster

The marathon – a grueling 26.2-mile journey filled with adrenaline, determination, and sheer willpower. The repetitiveness of each step is fueled by the adrenaline of knowing that you’re on the cusp of achieving something truly great – finishing a full marathon. There’s something magical knowing that you’re one of the few who actually have the […]

Best Muscle Rub Creams

Do you find your muscles sore and stiff after a tiring workout, a late night out, or a long day at work? If so, then you may need a muscle rub cream or gel.  The benefits of using a quality muscle rub product can be surprising. These include accelerating your performance and recovery time to […]

Why Are My Hamstrings So Tight?

ChemiPower stiff hamstrings

Say goodbye to hamstring pain & hello to newfound mobility! Our comprehensive guide unlocks the causes & provides effective stretches for lasting relief.


Carnosine and L-carnosine are two naturally occurring compounds found in various animal tissues, including the human body. Carnosine is a dipeptide consisting of two amino acids, beta-alanine and histidine, while L-carnosine is a form of carnosine that is more bioavailable to the body. Both carnosine and L-carnosine have been extensively studied for their potential health […]

Knee Pain When Squatting – Why and How to Heal?

You know that familiar feeling when you lower yourself into a squatting position and you’re already bracing for what’s about to happen – the knee pain while squatting.  As you come out of the squat, you feel the pinch and the dull ache coming from your knees. You wish you could find an effective solution […]

Best Pain Relief Cream for Joint Pain

If you’re looking for a safe and natural solution for joint pain (at least if it’s not a severe case), a pain relief cream is a great option. A good quality pain relief can kick it to the curb, accelerate muscle recovery, and improve your range of motion.  Photo Credit: Lacheev / Canva Eventually, it […]