An Effective Muscle Rub Cream for Sports Performance and Recovery

Performance sports require you to be on top of your game. Training hard requires discipline and dedication. As you build up to race day, you push your body to its limits, getting it in shape so you can confidently pursue the number one spot. The competition is fierce and even one injury can keep you […]

CrossFit – Why It Takes So Long To Recover

If you stumbled on this article, you have likely just done a few sets of burpees, box jumps, deadlifts, or even the dreaded handstand push-ups (what’s that even all about?). These are just a few of the well-known CrossFit workouts that fitness enthusiasts become familiar with when participating in the sport. And each set of […]

Post Marathon Recovery: Regain Your Stride Faster

The marathon – a grueling 26.2-mile journey filled with adrenaline, determination, and sheer willpower. The repetitiveness of each step is fueled by the adrenaline of knowing that you’re on the cusp of achieving something truly great – finishing a full marathon. There’s something magical knowing that you’re one of the few who actually have the […]

The Best Supplement To Aid Workout Recovery

The endorphins released when we exercise can be quite addictive. Nothing beats that feeling after a good workout in the gym or while out for a run. But how important is workout recovery, and how should you go about your recovery process? We’ve listed some of the main benefits of allowing your body to recover […]

Why Am I Suddenly Struggling to Run?

As the sun rises, you lace up your running shoes and begin your morning jog. You love this time of day—the fresh air, the chirping birds, and the feeling of freedom as you pound the path beneath your feet. However, this past week has been tough. For some reason, you can’t run as far as […]

Sore Legs After Cycling? Here’s Why And How You Can Speed Up Recovery Time

Whether you’re a professional obsessed with getting saddle time every day, or a weekend warrior destroying bike trails on a Saturday morning, one thing is true… Your cycling performance is directly linked to the power and energy you have in your legs. Sean Yates, Olympian, and former Tour De France stage winner, hit the nail […]

Why Do My Legs Feel Heavy When I Run?

Do your legs feel heavy when you run? We’ve all been there. You wake up nice and early, put on your running shoes, and try to convince yourself that you are strong enough to get through an ‘easy’ 5k… only to realize you can barely walk. Your first thoughts might be that it’s simply because […]

How to Recover from a Long Run?

how to recover from a long run

Running can yield many health benefits for the body. In fact, even a five to 10-minute run every day at slow speeds can reduce cardiovascular risk, based on a study involving 55,000 runners ages 18 to 100. [1] Not only your heart will love it, but your lungs will, too. It has been associated with […]


Carnosine and L-carnosine are two naturally occurring compounds found in various animal tissues, including the human body. Carnosine is a dipeptide consisting of two amino acids, beta-alanine and histidine, while L-carnosine is a form of carnosine that is more bioavailable to the body. Both carnosine and L-carnosine have been extensively studied for their potential health […]

Preventing Lower Back Pain After Running

lower back pain after running

If you’ve experienced a sore or stiff lower back after running, don’t worry – you’re not alone. No, there are many athletes out there that share your pain. Your lower back pain, that is. It’s a common issue that affects beginners and professionals alike. And in most cases, the cure is a lot easier than […]